Welcome to Lily and Lion, your go-to destination for sass-infused and adorably cute planner stickers! 🎉

Nestled in the sunny city of Perth, our small but mighty empire is run by a dog obsessed, sticker-loving, sassy queen with a passion for adding a pop of personality to your planners! As a child, my love for stickers knew no bounds. Fast forward to 2017, and Lily and Lion was born – a haven for those who share the same sticker obsession.

After a whirlwind hiatus spent juggling the chaos of raising kids, working, and running a small business, we're back and sharper than ever, ready to turn your planner dreams into reality!

So whether you’re a busy bee planning your week or a devoted dog mum scheduling Fido’s vet appointments, we’ve got the stickers to match your style and sass. Join us on this sticker-filled journey – because life’s too short for boring planners! 🐶✨

Sian & Moose xx

Moose:  www.instagram.com/its.ya.boy.moose